Triton educational video: coastal planning in Puglia

  • Added:May 12, 2020

Triton educational video: coastal planning in Puglia

The sixth educational video of the Triton project provides information on coastal planning evolution in Apulia and explains the Regional Coastal Plan. It is a planning tool that regulates the use of maritime public areas, with the aim of guaranteeing the correct balance among the protection of the Apulian coastal environment and landscape, the free use and the development of tourist-recreational activities. The Regional Plan provides guidelines and criteria for the Municipalities coastal plans.

The video contains the interviews, recorded during an international workshop on the coastal management held in Bari last fall, of Nicolò Carnimeo, Professor of Navigation law at University of Bari, Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio, Professor of Coastal engineering at University of Salento, Giuseppe Forte, Coastal and Port public property division at Apulia Region.

The video is available [here]

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